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  Ladyfest London 2002

Ladyfest London
Date: August 1 - August 4, 2002
Location: North London


What was Ladyfest London?

Ladyfest London took place in the summer of 2002, and was a celebration of the achievements of women, primarily in music and the arts. It was run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, with money raised being donated to women's charities. Although it was organised predominantly by women the festival was open to all (with the exception of a few of the workshops). For more about the ideas behind Ladyfest visit the Mission page


What happened at Ladyfest London?

Ladyfest London was organised around several concerts in central London, showcasing the best in underground and alternative music, and headlined by Chicks on Speed, Electrelane and Katastrophy Wife. However, Ladyfest London was not restricted to music, and also featured art, film, spoken word, poetry and performance art as well as seminars and workshops on art and politics. For more information, see the Events page.


I'm sure I've heard about other Ladyfests...

There have been several: the inaugural Ladyfest was in Olympia, USA in August 2000, followed in 2001 by Ladyfest Scotland in Glasgow, UK, as well as similar events in New York and Chicago.

Both the original Ladyfest and Ladyfest Scotland were sell-out successes and raised a considerable amount of money for charity. They also helped publicise Ladyfest's positive message, with Ladyfest Scotland attracting mainstream and underground press coverage in at least 30 national and international publications. More about press coverage and press releases is available on the Press page.


Why is this website still here?

It's here as a record of all the great artists, performers and speakers who took part in Ladyfest London. It's also a reminder of just what can be achieved by a group of volunteers with no prior experience. Other than this page, the site has been left pretty much how it was just before the start of the festival.





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